The Medipattern has entered into a partnership with Ocean Medical Imaging Center (OMIC), developed through a partnership with Lake Forest, California-based InSight Health Services.

The deal is to provide the service of B-CAD computer aided detection of breast ultrasound imaging under the B-CAD-FOR-LIFE program.

The company said that B-CAD automatically characterises breast lesions using the American College of Radiology (ACR) ultrasound breast imaging reporting and data system (BI-RADS).

Joseph Triolo, a board-certified radiologist at OMIC, said: “With the early detection, we believe this technology represents a significant contribution to breast imaging. Mammography can detect cancerous lesions long before a lump is ever felt and then we use breast ultrasound imaging to characterise the lump. B-CAD helps us to detail more evidence concerning masses and suspicious calcifications, providing a higher quality of patient care.”

Jeff Collins, CEO of Medipattern, said: “New Jersey represents our first step in rolling out B-CAD-FOR-LIFE on a national basis in US. The program provides affordable access to the latest ultrasound CAD technology innovations leading the way through B-CAD. We first piloted the program in New York where it has been well received.

“OMIC and Insight Imaging have been very supportive in organizing the additional information that this task required. We would like to thank Art Gelber president of Healthcare iQ for providing reimbursement guidance, and Amy Eriksen from physicians consultant medical sales for facilitating this transaction.”