Sentinelle to gain exclusive license to Medipattern's breast MRI morphological analysis technology

Medipattern and Sentinelle Medical are entering a technology access and distribution agreement. Under the agreement, Sentinelle would gain exclusive license to Medipattern’s breast MRI morphological analysis technology.

Cameron Piron, CEO of Sentinelle Medical, said: “As the field of breast MRI advances, we are entering an exciting time where the power of the contrast mechanisms of MRI can be used to classify lesions. Morphological analysis, lesion kenetics, diffusion contrast coupled with high quality breast MRI images produced by Sentinelle’s line of MRI coils is advancements in lesion detection and differentiation.

‚ÄúPartnering with Medipattern allows us to launch a platform that will utilise these developments in an efficient, effective and adaptive manner. Streamlining morphology analysis is a challenging problem that requires a combination of Medipattern technology with Sentinelle MRI know-how. We are very excited about the potential impact this will have in the fight against breast cancer.”

Jeff Collins, president and CEO of Medipattern, said: “Medipattern is well served to partner with Sentinelle to deliver its Breast MRI Computer Aided Detection (CAD) to the market. Medipattern was founded to help physicians in their pursuit of finding and identifying breast cancer earlier when it is more treatable. Sentinelle and Medipattern are perfectly aligned toward this great goal. We are pleased to work with Sentinelle.”