The company pioneers the transformation of spinal surgery through Artificial Intelligence, predictive modeling and patient specific implants with its UNiD ASI (Adaptive Spine Intelligence) proprietary software platform, services and technologies.

Over the last few years, MEDICREA has had a leading role in revolutionizing the personalized spine surgery. Its disruptive ideas and innovative patient specific technologies have been instrumental in shaping the future spine industry business model associating precise analysis of each patient and pre-op planning expert services to the implants. The Company has been actively protecting these innovations through an aggressive patent strategy building a IP portfolio that includes 10 independent families, 5 issued patents and 16 pending applications.

The 3 newly allowed patents (U.S. Patent No 10,318,655; 10,314,657; 10,292,770) are directed to fundamental technologies and methods embedded in the UNiD ASI platform, a breakthrough in spine surgery.

These additional allowances enable the Company to further expand its existing patent portfolio as the Company continues to protect its technology directed to: The use of Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Modeling in spine surgery; Systems and methods for generating data to produce patient-specific 2D and 3D rods; Patient-specific screw planning and screw kit generation; Patient-specific cage planning and production; Intra operative monitoring device.

MEDICREA’s proprietary UNiD ASI technology is a comprehensive suite of services designed to help surgeons improve their patient’s outcomes. By leveraging artificial intelligence and the latest clinical research, the platform enables the surgeon to plan cases preoperatively.

The Artificial Intelligence embedded within the platform allows a surgeon to visualize the compensatory mechanisms above and below the instrumented spine that will most likely occur based on the surgeon’s surgical plan. The surgeons work hand-in-hand with the UNiD Lab biomedical engineers who create several surgical plans and identify the one that would give the surgeon’s patient the best outcome.

Through rigorous and centralized processes, MEDICREA improves the content of its clinical database with each case, allowing the proprietary technology to continuously refine the algorithms behind its predictive model. With over 4000 cases performed through the UNiD ASI technology platform, all including patient-specific implants, this technology undoubtedly met a market need. The Company plans to pursue its efforts to spread the technology and grow its clinical database.

Denys Sournac, Chief Executive Officer of MEDICREA, concludes, “MEDICREA is the pioneer in this new approach of spinal treatment and was able to file the very first patents covering these innovations. For this reason, the new patents issued create strong barriers to entry for competitors. It enables the company to maintain its competitive advantage and strengthen its leading position in the market place that is now obviously evolving into this direction. The Company will pursue its permanent efforts of enhancing its very unique predictive model with the aim to always improve patient clinical outcomes”.

Source: Company Press Release.