These connector components have been designed to provide solutions to paediatric spinal deformities in small stature patients.

Medicrea had joined hands with a team of leading paediatric spinal surgeons in developing the low-profile implants tailor-made for the special needs of paediatric deformity surgery.

The technology in PASS and LingaPASS can help surgeons in effectively treating paediatric patients using 40% less implant volume in each surgery.

It also offers the same technical innovations of PASS LP and LigaPASS systems used in adults and UNiD Lab patient-specific, digital surgical planning and analytical services.

Medicrea president and CEO Denys Sournac said: “By adapting our industry-leading PASS and LigaPASS deformity systems for the unique requirements of pediatric deformity through the ‘XS’ components, Medicrea is continuing to strengthen its position as a leader in FDA-cleared personalized analytical services and implant solutions for the treatment of complex spinal conditions.”

Medicrea is a medical technology company that specialises in design, manufacture and distribution of spinal surgery solutions. The company operates in a $10bn market and it has a workforce of 150 people.

The company’s focus is mainly on developing market-disrupting technologies which include UNiD Technology Platform of Patient-Specific Implants and Analytical Services. Medicrea received its first FDA clearance in November 2014 for personalised spinal treatment modality.