MediCardia Health Inc., announced major advancements in its proprietary technologies for healthcare with updates to MediCardia core software called ‘Co-Pilot’ combined with its proprietary Clinical Intelligence Engine and Generative AI to help augment clinical notes and a tailored treatment plan for personalized healthcare. MediCardia is uniquely positioned to amplify an organization’s ability to help others by leveraging trusted data analytic models for clinical guidelines, recommendations and treatment plans to address the biggest challenges in transforming healthcare today.

MediCardia started in 2020 to address the health industry’s challenges — from reducing clinician burnout, delivering more personalized experiences for patients, clinicians and enabling health data interoperability. With today’s announcement, MediCardia continues to deliver on its healthcare strategy with solutions that help enhance patient engagement and clinician experiences, empower healthcare teams with data in context and collaboration, and improve clinical and operational insights.

The health industry is generating more and more data, which is unstructured and increasingly more difficult to manage. Within this ever-increasing amount of data lies the solution to exponentially better patient care and outcomes. The key to unlocking the data is interoperability across the entire health ecosystem. MediCardia aggregates and summarizes all the data in context and provides the most holistic view of the patient and data for the clinician to act upon.

With MediCardia “Co-Pilot”, data from all spectrums including historical activity, clinical notes, guidelines, medications, medical images and medical devices can be interpreted and summarized along with clinical information, delivering optimized results to the end user of the data.

Source: Company Press Release