The company said that this technology expects to allow families and professionals to record behaviours and catalogue them within Medsuite for further analysis and treatment. Diagnosis relies on behavioural observation and screening.

Reportedly, in 2007, the World Health Organization (WHO) argued that the world faces a critical problem with the growing number of people with mental and neurological problems, including autism, which accounts for 11% of global disease. The number is projected to reach 14.7% by 2020. Specifically for China, the WHO reported 1,100,000 cases of autism.

Ning Wu, president of Medical Care Technologies, said: “The importance of the Medical Care Technologies image capture technology is to assist in early detection of symptoms. Early symptom recognition and intervention can help the child function at his or her highest possible level and it is our belief that early detection of autistic symptomtology is key to better treatment outcomes for autism in China.”