Medical Alarm Concepts has rolled-out MediPendant, a fully-monitored medical alarm system that allows to speak and listen directly through the pendant, at Albertsons grocery stores.

Under the terms of the distribution agreement signed in March this year, the company’s MediPendant alarm device will be offered by Albertsons in various locations throughout its grocery chain stores, including the pharmacy section.

The particular offering of the Medical Alarm Concepts’ MediPendant program to customers of Albertsons, will also include one free month of monitoring services, and an associated ‘lock box’ device that enables the EMT-certified operator to provide the access code to the ambulance personnel prior to arrive at the home.

Howard Teicher, CEO of Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, said: “We expect this partnership will open up for additional distribution agreements with leading retail chains. Our technology of being able to have a two-way call through the pendant with a range of 600 feet, versus being dependent on the competition’s base-unit inside, is receiving a lot of interest. We are excited about the potential of the MediPendant.”