Medical Radiologists operations vice president Dr Aakash Singh noted the company has longevity in part due to how it adapts to changes in healthcare.

"We always strive to stay on top of best practices and new technology, and the choice to go with eRAD is in line with that commitment," Dr Singh added.

Medical Radiologists and other community-based practices now have to respond to trends in predatory radiology and find new ways to expand services locally. That means running their own systems — to cover nighttime calls at affiliated hospitals and to collect studies from the medical groups and outpatient providers they serve.

eRAD sales vice president Seth Koeppel noted the company’s cloud-based service is ideal for groups like Medical Radiologists.

"They are professional organizations that work at multiple hospitals, and developing their own infrastructure isn’t an efficient use of resources. eRAD offers a complete outsourcing solution, from a single vendor, so they get a feature-rich application layer without having to manage the IT. It’s plug-and-play," Koeppel added.

Medical Radiologists can acquire images from its various hospitals, imaging centers and providers it serves – all using disparate systems- while its radiologists read and report from a single, unified worklist.

eRAD’s cloud technology is a long-term solution for Medical Radiologists, as it scales as the practice grows.