The company with the acquisition of Integra aims to speed up the device research, regulatory approval and commercialization process.

Namsa president and CEO John Gorski said the company will now be able to offer The Integra Group’s imaging lab, biostatistics and physician training services along with its expertise in R&D, biocompatibility and clinical research.

"We expect having experts in all of these areas will help clients get their products in the hands of physicians and patients who need them most to help diagnose, treat and even cure diseases around the world," Gorski added.

"The Integra Group has been able to execute an integrated testing model like this very well and we are excited about being able to now offer this model to our clients."

This acquisition will help clients undergoing feasibility evaluations for novel medical technologies, particularly in the cardiovascular and orthopedic areas to complete their studies in lesser time than in the past.

The Integra Group CEO Chris Pulling said, "This acquisition brings two complementary, world-class service providers together, giving medical device manufacturers the best of all worlds."

Both Pulling and Integra Group chief medical officer Roy Martin will be in key executive roles in the new NAMSA – Integra Division in Minneapolis.