WoundRounds integration will be accomplished using MatrixCare Connections, a unique and innovative program recently introduced by MDI Achieve.

Providing an open, cloud-based platform that supports integration between MatrixCare and third-party applications, devices, and systems, the MatrixCare Connections allows providers to aggregate data from across the LTPAC continuum into the MatrixCare HER.

The MatrixCare Connections program ensures the integrity of information flows that often include Protected Health Information by formally certifying the interoperability between MatrixCare and third-party systems and service organizations that are critical to providers.

MDI Achieve president and CEO John Damgaard noted the integration of MatrixCare and WoundRounds ensures that important clinical data from the wound care process is populated in the electronic health record, where it can be leveraged to improve the coordination of care and to drive clinical decision support.

"This partnership is another example of our industry-leading commitment to interoperability through our MatrixCare Connections initiative," Damgaard added.

WoundRounds CEO Mike Diamond noted integrating WoundRounds with MatrixCare delivers a powerful solution for post-acute facilities to provide the best possible patient care with reduced costs and risk.

"Integration with MatrixCare will allow our customers to manage wound outcomes more effectively and focus on what they do best — enhancing the resident’s quality of life," Diamond added.

With the partnership between WoundRounds and MDI Achieve, long-term care providers can consistently and efficiently deliver high quality wound care by leveraging the strengths of both MatrixCare and WoundRounds.