Westside Surgical Hospital is a multi-specialty physician-owned hospital located in the heart of Houston.

The system will be used by the hospital’s renowned spinal surgeons, including Dr Richard Francis. This system marks the second Renaissance system installed by Westside Surgical and will be used for clinical and training purposes.

Mazor CEO Ori Hadomi said the success of the Renaissance system, which is supported by the number of procedures performed and the business and clinical benefits, is driving increased interest from surgeons and hospital administrators.

"Furthermore, in choosing to add a second system for clinical and training purposes, Westside Surgical sees the future value of Renaissance as it seeks to enhance and broaden surgeon participation," Hadomi added.

With 12 overnight beds and six operating rooms, Westside Surgical Hospital is equipped to perform a wide range of inpatient and outpatient procedures and specializes in breast, orthopedic and spine surgery, among a wide range of surgical and diagnostic offerings.

Westside Surgical Hospital performs 4,500 surgical procedures annually.