Kite expands visibility of patient data for clinicians by allowing data from Root to be viewed on bigger screens, in customized configurations, in operating rooms, cardiac theaters, emergency rooms, and other venues.

Kite connects to Root via a wired or wireless connection on the same IP network and displays monitoring data from the connected device on a smart TV.

Data from devices connected to Root – including the Radical-7® Pulse CO-Oximeter®, the wearable, tetherless Radius-7® Pulse CO-Oximeter, and optional monitoring modules such as SedLine® Brain Function Monitoring, O3™ Regional Oximetry, and ISA™ capnography solutions – can also be simultaneously displayed on a supplemental screen using Kite.

The Kite supplementary display system can be customized to enable clinicians to view the monitoring parameters, waveforms, and other data they require for that patient and type of care or operation.

Masimo bedside monitoring devices provide clinicians with many types of data. During complex care, monitoring might involve so many different forms of real-time output, all of value to clinicians, that displaying them simultaneously on the primary device’s smaller display may be inconvenient or impractical.

With Kite, that data can be conveniently displayed on a large, easy-to-read monitor, relayed from the point-of-care device. For example, during endoscopy, while a patient is anesthetized, clinicians may wish to monitor with SedLine, for brain function, with rainbow Acoustic Monitoring® (RAM™), for respiration, and with ISA capnography, for end-tidal carbon dioxide, in addition to pulse oximetry and blood pressure.

With Kite, the multiple data outputs from each of these types of monitoring can be simultaneously displayed on a large, centrally-located screen, in the clinicians’ preferred configuration.

Dr. Don Marketto, D.O., Anesthesiologist, Mountain View Regional Hospital, Las Cruces, New Mexico, noted, “Masimo software made it extremely easy to adjust the placement and size of the information on the screen to the satisfaction of both the surgeon and anesthesiologist.”

Joseph Bremer, a perfusionist at Mountain View Regional Hospital, added, “Kite greatly enhanced the visibility of the Masimo monitor. During bypass I could easily view cerebral blood flow allowing time to validate adequate perfusion to my patient and maintain my attention on my bypass circuit.”

“Kite showcases the versatility and flexibility of Root,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “Our goal is to minimize clinician distraction and maximize focus on the patient and relevant data.”