Maquet’s newly designed Hemopro 2 Jaws feature an insulated area, providing the main conduit maximum protection during side branch dissection.

The Hemopro 2 Jaws also feature an enhanced edge for spot cautery to provide a clear working tunnel and extended cutting capability to allow cutting even from within the innermost corner of the tool. The design changes improve the robustness of the EVH procedure and are easy for users to learn.

The Vasoview Hemopro 2 System can be used in conjunction with the new Vasoshield Pressure Controlling Syringe, which was introduced by Maquet recently.

The Vasoshield Pressure Controlling Syringe helps prevent overdistension during vessel preparation steps, thus protecting endothelial integrity for a harvested artery or vein.

Keith Causey, chief physician assistant of Emory Healthcare, said: “The improvements to this HEMOPRO 2 system made my vessel harvesting experience better and I am thoroughly convinced it represents a new gold standard in both saphenous vein and radial artery harvesting.

“I appreciate the spot cautery feature and am especially impressed by the superior sealing capability. This new EVH system is a victory for patients”.

Christian Keller, president and CEO of Maquet Cardiovascular, said: “No other company offers this same powerful combination of new tools to help preserve conduit quality for EVH and cardiac surgery patients. We continue to lead the way by delivering technology advancements that are simple to use yet can improve clinical outcomes and enhance quality of life.”