The Avalon Elite Catheter is indicated for simultaneous venous drainage and reinfusion of blood via the internal jugular vein during ECLS procedures.

The catheter is designed to increase the efficiency of blood gas exchange by draining blood from both the upper and lower body, while simultaneously re-infusing it directly into the heart.

The catheter is also designed to minimize recirculation and maximize blood flow, while providing a less invasive solution for the patient.

The patented Avalon Elite Catheter has received the US Food and Drug Administration and CE mark approval.

Maquet Cardiopulmonary president and chief executive officer Wolfgang Rencken said with the addition of the Avalon Elite catheter line, the company can now provide the customers and patients with a full range of minimally invasive venous or arterial cannulation techniques for ECLS.

"The Avalon Elite Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter is a state of the art ECLS technology that sets the standard for new MAQUET catheter offerings in the future and will play an integral role in new cardiopulmonary offerings from MAQUET," Rencken added.