The agreement includes the Wingman Crossing Catheters (Wingman14, Wingman18, Wingman35) and the speX™ Shapeable Support Catheter, which are cleared for use in conjunction with steerable guidewires to access discrete regions of the peripheral vasculature.

It may be used to facilitate placement and exchange of guidewires and other interventional devices and provide a conduit for the delivery of saline solutions or diagnostic/therapeutic agents.

"We’ve partnered with ReFlow Medical on this distribution agreement as their innovative catheters greatly enhance our current offerings to the physicians that we serve every day," said Raoul Quintero, President and CEO North America, Maquet Medical Systems USA.

"We look forward to working with ReFlow Medical to better address the unmet needs and clinical challenges that interventionalists and their teams face in treating their patients with peripheral blockages."

The Wingman Crossing Catheter with its unique extendable bevel tip is used in conjunction with steerable guidewires of the physician’s choice to access discrete regions of the peripheral vasculature and enable rapid, routine, off-the-shelf lesion crossing.

The speX Shapeable Support Catheter with its shapeable tip option is the only support catheter that retains its shape and allows physicians to reshape as needed in order to rapidly adjust to the specific needs of each case and each patient.

"We are very excited to partner with Maquet and form an alliance with such a renowned and well-respected medical device company," said Isa Rizk, CEO and Co-Founder of ReFlow Medical.

"We look forward to working with Maquet’s extensive sales and marketing team to drive market adoption of this unique and highly differentiated product line. We share Maquet’s goals of improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital costs with highly innovative novel medical device technologies, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship."

Maquet will begin distributing the products during the first quarter of 2016.