Maine Standards Company, LLC has announced the launch of novel VALIDATE CM2 test set which recently received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The VALIDATE CM2 test set includes BNP / nt-proBNP, hsCRP and Troponin for easier calibration verification / linearity testing. This clearance will allow clinical laboratories to more easily complete their required cardiac marker linearity testing and to maximize reportable ranges while minimizing manual dilutions. VALIDATE test set is a kit that contains five levels prepared using the CLSI recommended equal delta method for linearity testing. The test kits are pre-diluted and ready to use as is. A technician simply adds product from the dropper bottle directly into the sample cup and runs as a patient sample, but in triplicate or duplicate. VALIDATE CM2 test sets will be available in two product configurations. Multiple product configurations are offered to meet the different needs of the many instrument systems available for the laboratory. These configurations are formulated to validate and maximize reportable ranges while minimizing manual dilutions.