The Dario has incorporated into Maccabi’s advanced Telecare unit (MOMA) to provide remote treatment for diabetes patients in the country.

LabStyle Innovations president and CEO Erez Raphael said: "By providing a digital platform for remote diabetes behavioral programs, tele-medicine and other meta-data analyses, we are advancing the treatment of a disease that impacts an estimated 387 million people around the world."

Enhancing Dario’s mobile health technology, LabStyle is said to generate subscription revenues from digital platform and software subscription.

LabStyle noted that Maccabi is providing the service through a national call center in coordination with the client’s primary physician and other community-based resources.

Maccabi medical tele-centers director Angela Irony said: "This is the first program of its kind in Israel and Maccabi is proud to be a leader in implementing and understanding the advantages of remote care for chronic disease like diabetes."