Synct software is middleware which offers access to data and reports via a single interface.

It connects Aries and NxTAG-enabled MAGPIX workstations in the lab to enable customizable workflows.

By using Synct software, the users can create and prepare orders or manage results from all next-generation Luminex instruments.

Centralized reporting enables better results, as data can be accumulated in one place and overseen by the laboratory director.

Labs with many locations can use Synct software to route all results to a single reviewer, anywhere on the lab network, before sending to the lab information system.

Luminex global marketing vice president Eric Shapiro said: "Challenges associated with software and information systems that don’t talk to each other waste precious time that lab directors would rather spend maximizing efficiency and ensuring the most accurate and reproducible results from their lab."

The Aries system is a sample to answer molecular diagnostic system that uses two independent modules with each support from one to six cassettes. It allows for both Stat and Batch testing of IVD and homebrew assays using multiCode reagents when using a common universal assay protocol.

NxTAG respiratory pathogen panel obtained FDA and CE mark approval to identify appropriate viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens, including the atypical bacteria Chlamydophila pneumoniae and Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Image: Luminex Synct software can be used with the Aries system and NxTAG assays on the Magpix system. Photo: courtesy of Stuart Miles /