Using a full suite of Luminex molecular diagnostic systems, the Sutter Health Shared Laboratory can process lab samples from across the Sutter Health network.

The Luminex panels– including  xTAG® Cystic Fibrosis, ARIES® HSV, and VERIGENE® Respiratory Pathogens Flex tests–allow for more rapid detection of multiple genetic mutations or infectious agents, shortening the diagnosis timeframe for patients and helping to eliminate unnecessary diagnostic procedures.

"We began integrating Luminex products into our Sutter Health labs last year, starting with the xTAG Cystic Fibrosis assay," said Jennifer Schiffgens, vice president, Operations for Sutter Health Shared Laboratory.

"We have since added others, including the ARIES® System, and are in the process of bringing the VERIGENE System online.  The flexibility of the VERIGENE system enables us to customize our panel, while reducing costs for the lab and the patient."

Todd Bennett, Senior VP of Global Sales and Customer Operations at Luminex, commented: "We are delighted with our partnership with Sutter Health and believe it demonstrates the power of our broad molecular testing portfolio. We are pleased to support Sutter Health's goal of improving patient care."

ARIES® Systems are sample to answer molecular diagnostic systems designed to increase laboratory efficiency, ensure result accuracy, and fit seamlessly into today's lean laboratory environment. ARIES® uses internal barcode scanning and other advanced features to minimize operator errors.

Independent modules support from one to six cassettes, allowing for both STAT and batch testing of IVD assays and laboratory developed tests (LDTs) with MultiCode® Reagents when using a universal assay protocol. An integrated touchscreen PC eliminates the need for a separate computer, standalone keyboard, and mouse, maximizing valuable bench space.

The VERIGENE System enables clinicians to rapidly identify the pathogens responsible for some of the most complex, costly, and deadly infectious diseases, without relying on time-consuming culture methods.

The first sample to answer system cleared for molecular diagnosis of bloodstream infections, VERIGENE provides cost-effective bacterial identification and antibiotic resistance determination directly from positive blood culture bottles up to 48 hours faster than conventional methods.