Luminex and One Lambda, a producer of transplant diagnostic products, have agreed to a long-term renewal of their 10-year strategic partnership aimed at developing platforms and technologies for human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing and antibody screening for the organ transplantation market.

The collaboration has resulted in the creation of new products that have made pre- and post-transplant diagnostics faster, and more cost-efficient.

Under the collaboration, One Lambda has adopted Luminex‘s xMAP technology to create products that could reduce the cost and complexity of HLA typing and antibody screening.

The xMAP platform, which allows multiple, simultaneous tests to be run on a single sample, proved to be an ideal fit for transplant testing.

One Lambda president and CEO George Ayoub said one Lambda and Luminex combined the power of Luminex’s xMAP Technology with One Lambda’s expertise in HLA testing and organ transplantation to dramatically advance the care available to those undergoing transplants.

"Our platforms have significantly enhanced healthcare providers’ ability to care for organ transplant patients by delivering vital information that helps them to better match donors with recipients," Ayoub said.

The simplicity and flexibility of the xMAP Technology platform to analyse both nucleic acids and proteins has allowed One Lambda to enhance and expand their product menu.

The flexible technology helped One Lambda to develop a range of assays that have streamlined transplant diagnostics.

One Lambda’s LABType SSO and LABScreen products can detect up to 500 HLA specificities in a single test, eliminating the need to run multiple tests.