Lumie said that the new Lumie Haylight is an all-in-one alternative treatment to eye drops, nasal sprays and antihistamines. Using two intranasal tubes, it emits two types of red light directly on to the membranes inside the nose which immediately reduce histamine production. Based on scientific research, Lumie Haylight works in minutes to ease streaming noses, sneezing and irritable eyes.

Lumie said that antihistamine treatment is preferred for hay fever due to the lack of suitable alternatives. Many allergy medications can have nasty side effects, including drowsiness. The research study entitled: ‘Symptomatic allergic rhinitis and rhinitis medication use are associated with a significantly increased risk of unexpectedly dropping a grade in summer examinations,’ demonstrates evidence for the inconvenience caused by such treatments.

Other methods of fighting allergic rhinitis include steroids and decongestants, but the former often lead to rebound nasal congestion and the latter need to be taken for several weeks to achieve any sort of result. Intranasal therapy of this kind, received from a device which emits red light, has shown positive results in treating those that suffer from hay fever even those that do not respond at all to antihistamines.

Jonathan Cridland, CEO of Lumie, said: “The application of light therapy for health and wellbeing has grown considerably of recent years and we hope that products like Lumie Haylight can provide people the freedom to enjoy their summer again, rather than hide away behind closed doors. Another tool that can help people cope through the hay fever season is the pollen forecast.

“Lumie remains specialised in high quality light based treatments that offer consumers an alternative to taking medications, which can cause problematic side effects.”