The FiberLase Drop-In Guide is expected to improve the capabilities of Gynecologists and ENT Surgeons in robotic surgery.

The Drop-In Guide also provides minimally invasive gynecologic and ENT surgeons with a tool to utilize Lumenis’ WaveGuide technology.

FiberLase consists of a red focusing beam and helps target delicate tissue leading to enhanced precision and a very small thermal footprint.

Drop-In Guide system can pass through a 5 mm trocar sleeve channel, and a fiber tip renewable during a surgical procedure.

Surgical CO2 Lasers Global Marketing director Eran Kurman said Drop-In Guide and best in class fiber provide superior precision and thermal control in robotic surgery and also enhance robot utilization.

"It offers surgeons a valuable tool to improve outcomes for patients undergoing robotic laser surgery in a variety of areas, including minimally invasive gynecology and transoral head & neck procedures," Kurman added.