TriLink BioTechnologies and Lucigen Corporation has signed a licensing agreement under which Lucigen will use TriLink's CleanAmp dNTPs in its new Taq98 Hot Start 2X MasterMix to amplify difficult DNA templates.

Lucigen’s new Taq98 Hot Start 2X Master Mix amplifies difficult DNA templates, including targets with >70% GC content.

By replacing the Lucigen’s dNTPs in a PCR assay with CleanAmp dNTPs, a Hot Start reaction will be achieved.

The approach to new PCR provides a method to reduce mis-priming, primer dimer formation and other deleterious off-target effects in PCR.

Lucigen president Jeff Williams said the company has found that CleanAmp dNTPs improve the performance of a number of thermostable DNA polymerases, allowing for simple conversion of any assay to a Hot Start version.