AI-based diagnostic solutions provider Lucem Health has introduced Reveal for Lung Cancer, a new AI-powered solution that enables earlier diagnosis and treatment of lung cancers.

Reveal would help healthcare organisations improve their diagnosis and treatment of patients at elevated risk for certain respiratory illnesses, including cancers of the lung or trachea.

The new solution leverages standard electronic health record (EHR) data and an AI algorithm to identify ever-smokers aged between 40 and 89 years, who are at a higher risk for lung cancer.

It simplifies the targeted engagement of patients who meet US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) criteria for lung cancer screening.

Lucem Health developed Reveal for Lung Cancer in partnership with Medial EarlySign.

Medial EarlySign CEO Ori Geva said: “By using machine learning to identify patients at a higher statistical risk for lung cancer, providers do not only enhance the efficiency of lung cancer screening, they fundamentally accelerate the pathway to care for countless individuals.”

Lucem Health CEO Sean Cassidy said: “Reveal for Lung Cancer provides an effective new solution for addressing the deadliest cancer worldwide.

“By efficiently identifying patients who are at higher apparent risk, Reveal offers health systems the opportunity to save lives through earlier engagement and treatment.”

Lucem said that its Reveal for Lung Cancer addresses the challenge by identifying people who are more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer after a standard low-dose CT screening.

Using Reveal for two years, a healthcare organisation can identify about 60% more patients with early-stage lung cancer and expect Reveal to flag nearly 50% of all lung cancer cases.

Missouri-based non-profit healthcare organisation Mercy, and another US health system with over 50 acute care and specialty hospitals, plan to deploy Reveal for Lung Cancer soon.

Mercy cancer care service line president Dana Haynie said: “For too long, early detection of lung cancer has been a significant challenge, often leading to diagnoses in advanced stages when treatment options are more limited and less effective.

“We are hopeful the Reveal for Lung Cancer solution will expand our ability to proactively intervene and improve patient outcomes. We are excited about this innovative next step forward in earlier diagnosis.”