Dr. Robert Lerman, LindaCare’s Chief Medical Officer and cardiac electrophysiologist (EP), noted, “We are excited to debut the new ProPulse Remote Monitoring service at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions. Remote monitored patients have a higher survival than those followed only in device clinics.

Remote monitoring promotes rapid detection of clinical events and changes in device function, leading to faster intervention than routine in-office follow-up. While commercializing our OnePulse™ software platform in the US, we saw an immediate need for a more service-oriented solution: ProPulse™.”

The clinical benefits of remote monitoring are much greater with increased adherence to the monitoring program.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) are not monitored consistently.

As many as 45% of patients are not successfully transmitting device data, causing delayed detection of clinical events.  Furthermore, the sheer volume of data from remote monitored devices typically overwhelms the resources of clinics without dedicated device technicians.

In response to these challenges, LindaCare developed the ProPulse™ cardiac remote monitoring service.  ProPulse optimizes remote monitoring of patients while removing the burden from clinical staff. Our certified device technicians ensure all remote patients are consistently transmitting.

They review all transmissions, troubleshoot issues, provide preliminary data interpretation, and escalate alerts that need immediate physician attention.  Hospitals, clinics and physicians can implement ProPulse with no associated upfront costs.

Dr. Lerman, who built his career as an EP, oversees the ProPulse program. “Since working with LindaCare is my full-time job, I’m available to jump in and review difficult transmissions and communicate with the clinicians. Our protocol includes my direct involvement.”

LindaCare is approaching this problem with a unique perspective.  “I’ve seen firsthand the many positive patient benefits of remote monitoring,” said Dr. Lerman.  “We want to focus on what is really important: patient outcomes, not just technology.  Improving outcomes means improving workflows and that’s one of our main goals.  Over the next few months, we will be engaging with some of the most well-known experts in EP and cardiology to drive true outcomes innovation including clinical work addressing some of the most pressing issues in remote monitoring.”

“I am delighted with the introduction of this innovative technology-enabled care service model, helping providers comply with the standard of care, and confirming our commitment to our vision of enabling large-scale adoption of remote patient monitoring,” said Shahram Sharif, Founder & CEO of LindaCare.

Source: Company Press Release