The new system features a color-coded range indicator, which shows whether a test result is within, below or above the range limits set in the meter without the need to scroll or push buttons.

In addition, the system features high-resolution color display with large on-screen results, and uses two replaceable AAA alkaline batteries that are included with each system.

Behavioral Diabetes Institute co-founder and president Dr William Polonsky said: "Nearly one third of people with diabetes say they can’t make sense of their blood sugar results and many may feel overwhelmed by too much information, information that isn’t clear, or simply by the day-to-day effort required to manage diabetes.

"The OneTouch Verio Meter can help patients feel more confident about managing their blood sugar by providing helpful feedback about their results and opportunities for better control."

Based on the healthcare professional’s recommendations, the low and high range limits set in the system can be customized for each patient.

The system also allows patients to see their success by providing two types of progress notes, including an achievement message that is displayed when the current result is in range following three consecutive above range results, while a consistency message appears when 70% of results in the past seven days are in range.

Image: The new OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ LifeScan, Inc.