Lifeline Biotechnologies has received US Patent No. 8,231,542 B2 for its new system, designed for determining suspect conditions for breast cancer by analyzing thermal data based on breast surface temperature.

Lifeline Biotechnologies CEO Jim Holmes said the system patent completes the company’s group of three software patents.

"We now have our Methods, Device and System patents which provide the Company with protection of its developed technology," Holmes added.

"Methods for Collecting and Analyzing Thermal Data Based on Breast Surface Temperature to Determine Suspect Conditions; Device For Analyzing Thermal Data Based On Breast Surface Temperature For Detection For Use In Determining Cancerous Conditions; and, System For Analyzing Thermal Data Based On Breast Surface Temperature To Determine Suspect Conditions."

First Warning Systems, a licensee of Lifeline Biotechnologies, is conducting a funding round and is planning a final, limited clinical trial and a 510 (k) device classification to validate the fourth generation of its product.

In addition, First Warning is currently updating the patient data collection device and its interpretive software, covered by these patents, to complete the product package in preparation for market entry.