Life Technologies (LTC) has entered into two new license agreements with Roche to expand its polymerase chain reaction (PCR) offerings for diagnostics applications.

Under the agreement, Roche has granted all rights to LTC to use its in vitro diagnostics (IVD) products including real-time PCR and other important PCR-related technologies.

LTC also received licence to use Roche’s SYBR Green I technology, melting curve analysis for real-time PCR, and high-resolution melting-curve analysis (HRM) technology.

The melting curve analysis is a technique where analysis of PCR products is done by heating the product slowly, following the product’s amplification.

Each double-stranded DNA has its own specific melting temperature (Tm) which is defined as the temperature at which 50% of the DNA becomes single stranded.

Variations in the amplified DNA can be identified, by measuring Tm using an intercalating dye.

The intellectual property portfolio has been extensively licensed by Roche in cooperation with Idaho Technology.

Paul Brown Head Roche Molecular Diagnostics said by continuing to out-license this PCR-based technology, they contribute to the development of well-validated techniques within the diagnostics field.