Radrex-i is a digital X-ray system which incorporates many automated features, high-resolution imaging and RexView.

Radrex-i’s automated features include auto-tracking, auto-collimation, auto-program and auto-center stop, which results in shorter exams and improves productivity and workflow.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital diagnostic radiology manager Bunny Willis said the company selected Toshiba’s Radrex-i system for its suite of productivity features, such as RexView, a color LCD screen located on the overhead tube crane (OTC), which facilitates less stressful exams for pediatrics, as technologists can review images at the system without leaving the patient’s side.

Apart from Radrex-i, Le Bonheur also uses Toshiba ‘s four Kalare X-ray systems, an AquilionONE CT system and two Infinix-i bi-plane vascular X-ray systems.