As part of the contract, Lakeview expects to implement Lawson Contract Management and Budgeting & Planning applications along with Workforce Management applications Lawson Time and Attendance, and Scheduling and Staffing. Lakeview also plans to implement Lawson Business Intelligence.

Lakeview sought to replace aging and disparate business systems to help streamline business management. The organization identified a need to optimise and standardise supply chain and materials management processes and improve key HR-related activities focused on staffing and scheduling. Lakeview includes Lakeview Hospital, the Stillwater Medical Group and Lakeview Foundation.

The new Lawson applications, including Lawson Business Intelligence, will help Lakeview gain a better view into key day-to-day business data, which will help facilitate better, faster decision making. Lakeview seeks improved efficiency, which allow staff to focus more time and energy on meeting the needs of patients.

Doug Johnson, CFO at Lakeview Hospital, said: “Lakeview has been around for a long time and has continued to build a tradition of excellence by always looking forward and improving how we manage our business in a way that best supports outstanding patient care.

“Lawson has a proven track record in the healthcare industry and its healthcare-specific applications are designed around the complex business challenges we face on a daily basis. We need a modern system to help us adapt to a rapidly changing environment and continual pressures to manage costs and be as efficient as possible.”

Jim Catalino, general manager of Lawson Healthcare, said: “Lakeview Health System has a great tradition of setting high standards for patient care and being connected with the community it serves. By modernizing its core business processes and gaining new efficiencies on the business side of its operations, Lakeview can continue its tradition of innovation and outstanding care.”

Lawson Healthcare is the information technology partner that helps manage and connect the clinical, financial and operational information that allows providers to concentrate on their mission of delivering the patient care.