The FatSecret platform is being integrated with Dario’s powerful diabetes management software application to deliver localized nutrition datasets of generic foods, branded products and restaurant items, to empower people with diabetes to more easily track and manage their food intake and resulting blood sugar and insulin levels.

Dario users in LabStyle’s initial market locations in the UK, Italy and New Zealand will have these benefits immediately, and LabStyle looks forward to helping people thrive with diabetes as Dario reaches more locations in Europe this year and, pending regulatory approvals, in North America later in 2014.

With FatSecret, Dario is the only diabetes management app with a regionally localized food database, and the only tool that helps people with diabetes automatically log their sugars from a range of foods in all languages and countries around the world.

FatSecret provides nutritional information such as carbohydrate and fat content on a broad range of food types, and such information when combined with Dario’s tools is expected to be very useful in showing users how foods consumed affect the individual’s diabetes.

LabStyle president and CEO Erez Raphael noted that logging and managing blood sugar levels is a critical activity to manage diabetes and calculate required insulin treatment, and is a daily challenge for people with diabetes.

"We are excited to partner with FatSecret to add their extensive food information database to our offering, providing access to critical food information for our users and making it easier for people to manage their diabetes.

"We are seeking to make Dario™ the most comprehensive and value-added diabetes management solution available, and the feedback on Dario™ from our initial rollout has been very promising," Raphael added.

With FatSecret, travelling with diabetes is much easier. Carbohydrate and fat content in even the most basic local foods like bread, coffee and restaurant meals vary around the world. With Dario, people with Diabetes know how local foods they’re not familiar with impact their sugar levels, and what to do next.

Dario users simply log their blood sugar level recorded with their small Dario glucose meter and plug it directly into their smartphone. Users of other glucose meters can also manually insert their blood sugar levels recorded with their existing devices.

Following simple prompts, users note the foods they’ve eaten from the FatSecret library, as well as recent physical activity and their mood or stress levels. Dario automatically logs this data to help people with diabetes know why their sugars change and better manage their condition with the right treatment.