LabStyle Innovations, the developer of Dario, has announced the official European launch date for the Dario iOS mobile application.

Dario is a cloud-based, mobile health (mHealth) platform for diabetes and related blood glucose monitoring.

The complimentary app will be available for download from the Apple App Store on December 12, 2013 in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Customers will be able to experience the novel functionality and benefits of Dario’s iOS app, no matter what blood glucose monitoring device they are currently using, by manually feeding in the information.

The launch of the Dario iOS app in Europe marks the first step of LabStyle’s worldwide roll-out of the full Dario platform.

The Dario diabetes management platform is intended to promote compliance and a more confident, advantageous and enjoyable way of living for people with diabetes.

It is designed to capture the complete diabetic landscape from monitoring to therapy.

Using the mobile app, customers will be able to easily, instantly and in real-time, check blood sugar levels using their smartphone and gain useful insights and views regarding what to do next.

The software is currently compatible with iOS and ultimately will be with Android devices as well.

The software fully integrates with the stylish, ‘all-in-one’, pocket-sized, Dario blood glucose monitoring device, which comes complete with lancet, strips and a meter that connects to a smartphone, and a website application enabling patients, medical professionals and caregivers to access data and as a result drives proactive intervention.

The device will be commercially available in Europe in a soft launch during the first quarter of 2014.

Over the longer term, the platform is expected to be able to integrate with insulin delivery and other diabetes devices.

LabStyle Innovations executive chairman and co-founder Dr Oren Fuerst noted Dario is the next generation in advanced diabetes self-management.

"It leverages the potential and the many benefits of the mobile age and current online practices. In time for the holidays, customers will begin experiencing an entirely new approach – proactively managing diabetes in a fun, engaging and social way using their mobile device.

"Unlike older devices which solely checked glucose levels, or existing competition that may or may not link glucose monitoring with an app or the cloud, we believe that Dario is the only end-to-end mobile health platform that will be able to offer and encourage people living with diabetes a way to really understand and control their disease," Dr Fuerst added.

LabStyle was granted a CE mark for the full Dario diabetes management platform in September 2013, which allows LabStyle to market Dario in Europe.

The company plans to file for 510(k) FDA clearance for marketing the full Dario diabetes management platform in the US in the near future and anticipates regulatory clearance in 2014.

It is also actively exploring other regulatory approvals worldwide.

LabStyle Innovations also announced that it will be exhibiting at Medica 2013 in Germany, November 20-23, 2013.