Interleukin Genetics has reported that Labec Pharma has met European regulatory guidelines to sell Interleukin Genetics' Heart Health genetic test, which helps to identify individuals at elevated risk for early heart attack, will be marketed to physicians in Spain and Portugal by Labec Pharma under the product name Cardio Health.

The company claims that the samples will be processed at Interleukin Genetics’ CLIA-certified laboratory in Waltham, MA and will receive royalties and processing fees for each test sold.

Reportedly, Labec Pharma will begin selling the Cardio Health genetic test in January 2010. The Interleukin Genetics Cardio Health test is the genetic test used to identify multiple genetic variations that can lead to overproduction of certain chemicals in the body resulting in inflammation.

Lewis Bender, CEO of Interleukin Genetics, said: “We are pleased to begin our partnership with Labec Pharma on distribution of our Cardio Health genetic test to the physician community in two European Countries. Physicians will now have the opportunity to identify patients at elevated risk for heart attack due to chronic underlying inflammation and recommend the appropriate action to improve health outcomes.”

Javier de Echevarria, CEO of Labec Pharma, said: “The Interleukin Genetics’ test is a unique product and has been validated by two independent clinical studies that demonstrated its ability to identify individuals with significantly elevated risk of heart attack. We are pleased to be able to offer this product to physicians treating Cardiovascular disease in Spain and Portugal and are confident it will provide very useful information to physicians.”