The functional screening identifies which drugs or drug combinations are more appropriate to treat cancer of the particular patient.

When compared to traditional methods, Labcyte’s acoustic liquid handling technology accurately transfers samples and reagents using sound energy.

It allows scope for newer capabilities that otherwise would not be possible to achieve with other techniques.

By implementing the contactless acoustic liquid handling technology, there would not be any use of pipettes besides the volumes needed for compounds and samples gets decreased, Labcyte said.

Notable Labs will leverage Labcyte’s Echo liquid handler’s unique attributes in a completely automated, high-throughput laboratory to functionally measure the effects on the live primary cancer cells from individual patients caused by FDA-approved drugs.

Different chemotherapies, targeted agents, and non-oncology classes of drugs can be inspected alone and in combinations to measure efficacy and specificity against cancer through the functional cancer cell screening technology.

Notable Labs co-founder Pete Quinzio said: “Our service is designed to provide information that may help clinicians prioritize the best available options for individualized patient care in an actionable timeframe.

“Our belief is that testing drugs directly on patients’ cancer cells will lead to a better understanding of biological mechanisms of disease, improve treatment success, and reduce unnecessary side effects.”

Labcyte CEO Mark Fischer-Colbrie said: “Augmenting today’s precision medicine efforts with functional screening could dramatically improve outcomes for patients and reduce healthcare costs by utilizing a more comprehensive data set to identify potential drug or drug combinations for an individual patient.

“With such promise for saving lives, we are committed to doing everything we can to accelerate the development of this strategy and expand its use."