LA Net supports the population of uninsured patients in the US and its program is intended to emulate the University of New Mexico’s nationally renowned Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO) clinic.

Emerge.MD’s TeleHealth solution provides the ability to review and discuss patient cases in a HIPAA compliant and FDA certified manner in an open forum and enable expert consultations to be delivered either by appointment or on an ad-hoc real-time basis.

LA Net CEO Lyndee Knox said the vision for project ECHO is to support the safety net community, improve health outcomes of patients, and reduce costs through E.C.H.O. Knowledge Networks – made available to any primary care practice in Los Angeles, US.

"Our vision is to provide a virtual learning community that brings together primary care providers and specialists to build expertise, share best practices, improve communication and enable PCPs to expand their scope of practice," Knox added.

"We are grateful to L.A. Care Health Plan for the support it is providing to help us launch Project ECHO in Los Angeles."