The ResMed S9 Series devices track and communicate vital clinical data for those suffering from the potentially life threatening condition of sleep apnea. The S9 Series offers an array of compliance management solutions that assist in delivering quality patient care where therapy is monitored through ResMed’s desk top and web-based compliance management solutions. The ResMed S9 Series has been launched in the US, Germany, France, UK, Australia and in other global markets.

ResMed’s CPAP/APAP device, the S9 Series, is expected to help more sleep apnea patients adhere to the treatment and help them to experience a restful night’s sleep without apneas.

The Mach Communications SIM card, inserted into the unit during manufacturing stage, accesses the Kore Telematics network enabling a two-way communication process from the ResMed S9 device to a monitored computer system. From there the data is visible to the physician and homecare provider over ResMed’s online compliance management platform.

To set this service, the clinician logs in and assigns a machine to the patient. In the background the service is automatically connected to the network and a reporting and treatment schedule is sent via SMS to the ResMed S9 device. This process enables the S9 device to send reports back daily on the sleeping patterns of users to their clinician, enabling improved patient outcomes and accuracy over management of the cause.

ResMed’s S9 compliance management solution captures the detailed graphical data and high resolution flow data, including 365 days of therapy and compliance data, 30 days of detailed data and seven days of high resolution flow data. The technology ensures that any sleep apnea problems can be detected early and addressed quickly.

Shane Murphy, CEO of Mach Communications, said: “We spent some time working alongside ResMed and Kore Telematics to ensure that we could together deliver a seamless end-to-end solution that enables ResMed to remotely provide services to their customers in the USA.

“The trick with these implementations is in getting the details right – knowing where every byte of data is going and when it got there, and being able to provide rapid follow up in two disparate time zones when extra support is needed. If we are doing our job correctly then we are invisible to the end user – it all just works.”

Michael Farrell, senior vice president of the Global Sleep SBU at ResMed, said: “With our new S9 Series and its optional S9 wireless module leveraging GSM/GPRS provisioning by Mach Communications and Kore Telematics, we will continue to provide our customers with a robust, tailored healthcare informatics solution that is global in its application.”