KEW Group, the oncology personalized medicine management and analytics company, has launched CancerPlex assay, a comprehensive gene testing panel that can be used to examine the genetic profile of many common cancers.

Developed and validated in KEW’s CLIA laboratory, the CancerPlex assay uses next-generation sequencing to analyze more than 400 known cancer genes that are involved in cancer initiation and progression.

Clinicians can use the results from this tumor mutation analysis to supplement other patient-specific information and determining treatment options.

CancerPlex measures genetic changes in a patient’s tumor and helps oncologists effectively manage treatment options.

KEW CEO Kathy Behrens Wilsey noted with the addition of the KEW CancerPlex, the company is providing an important new service to community oncologists by incorporating genomic testing with evidence-based diagnostic and treatment pathways to benefit cancer patients.

"These services are expected to provide the basis for both current and next generation cancer treatments," Wilsey added.

The company is also developing evidence-based therapeutic pathways that provide information about when it is appropriate to conduct diagnostic testing, including molecular diagnostics, and how that information can be used in clinical decision support.