US-based Kentucky Breast Care has installed Ikonopedia’s MQSA Follow-up Tracking & Management System and full suite of breast imaging report generation software tools.

The new MQSA system will manage all patient tracking and communication capabilities, comprising letters, phone calls and certified/registered mail based on customized user-defined protocols.

Ikonopedia CEO Emily Crane said: "Ikonopedia was founded on the premise of developing breast imaging reporting tools that enable a new level of quality and productivity.

"The new MQSA follow up manager is designed to give users stronger tools and improved data to better impact patient care by enabling them to focus on quality trends and improvement rather than data entry and manual tracking processes."

Ikonopedia offers flexibility in all required patient notifications and letters can be personalized by BI-RADS category, breast density, exam-type and risk assessment score. They can also be batch printed with facility logos and government-mandated language.

The company will provide full-enterprise mammography audit, which captures all data mandated by the Mammography Quality Standards Act with requirement for no additional data entry.

The suite of report generation software tools installed at the center includes Screening MRI, Diagnostic MRI, Diagnostic Ultrasound and Biopsy, as well as Screening and Diagnostic Mammography.

Context-specific images and educational materials are available through a reference library for each reporting modality. The library is maintained by Ikonopedia founders and contributors.