Kinetic Concepts, Inc. announced the launch of ABThera open abdomen negative pressure therapy system. ABThera system is the latest addition to its Negative Pressure Technology Platform (NPTP). ABThera addresses patient quality of life through an easy-to-use system which is designed to assist surgeons in the management and treatment of “open abdomen” and also to help achieve primary fascial closure. The company is planning to launch the product this week in a limited number of locations, with a national launch this fall. The specific benefits of the new system include, active removal of fluid and reduction of edema, providing medial tension that helps minimize fascial retraction and loss of domain, helping to isolate viscera and abdominal compartment from external environment, providing separation between the abdominal wall and viscera, and removing infectious and inflammatory materials from the abdomen.

The ABThera system is designed for temporary bridging of abdominal wall openings where repeat abdominal entries are necessary or primary closure is not possible. The system is intended for use in open abdominal wounds, with exposed viscera, including but not limited to abdominal compartment syndrome.

ABThera can also be used adjunctively with other KCI products. Surgeons in the most serious cases, can use the LifeCell Strattice Reconstructive Tissue Matrix or AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, as a bridging material to help achieve wound closure following the application of ABThera .

“ABThera is a product that truly addresses a clinical unmet need in a life-threatening condition, which makes the people of KCI very proud,” said Catherine Burzik, KCI president and CEO. “ABThera also represents the types of negative pressure-regenerative medicine therapies we envisioned through our acquisition of LifeCell. To potentially use ABThera with our Strattice and AlloDerm products in the management of complex patients creates a true opportunity to leverage our advanced product portfolio comprehensively. We plan to further extend our Negative Pressure Technology Platform, with an eye towards the best clinical outcomes possible for patients and the medical community.”

“Patients with open abdomen are among the most complex and expensive to manage in hospitals,” said Mark Kaplan, M.D., chief of trauma and surgical care and associate chairman of surgery at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. “KCI’s ABThera system provides a comprehensive therapeutic solution to the significant challenges we face in managing open abdomen patients. The simplicity of the system and therapeutic benefits of early application should encourage surgeons to use ABThera as a first line of therapy and apply the dressing early in the clinical management of these complex patients.”