Combining the AtmosAir Fit MRS and the BariMaxx II Bed helps prevent skin breakdown and facilitate safe patient handling, while maintaining patient dignity.

KCI claims the AtmosAir Fit MRS uses a proprietary, air-driven pressure redistribution method for patients weighing up to 1000 pounds, offering an improvement over foam-based pressure redistribution technologies.

Using non-powered Self Adjusting Technology, the AtmosAir Fit MRS delivers uninterrupted therapy even when transporting a patient or during electrical power outages.

A pressurized system of independent, dynamic air cylinders with intake and regulator valves automatically adjusts in reaction to a patient’s movements, evenly distributing body weight throughout the mattress and displacing pressure.

KCI Therapeutic Support Systems global president Stephen Seide said the AtmosAir Fit MRS, in combination with the BariMaxx II Bed, creates a new standard of care in the safe and dignified treatment of bariatric patients.