The CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System is designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body non-invasively, Accuray said.

Accuray claims that, using continual image guidance technology and computer controlled robotic mobility, the CyberKnife System automatically tracks, detects and corrects for tumor and patient movement in real-time throughout the treatment.

This enables the CyberKnife System to deliver high-dose radiation with pinpoint precision, which minimises damage to surrounding healthy tissue and eliminates the need for invasive head or body stabilization frames.

The recently acquired CyberKnife System is located at the Asia Cancer Center (ACC), the new cancer hospital of KCCH located in Busan.

It represents the eighth CyberKnife System in South Korea and the country’s first equipped with a linear accelerator capable of delivering a dose rate of 1,000MU (monitor unit) per minute, which improves the system’s efficiency.

ACC Cancer Research Division chief and radiation oncologist Kwang Mo Yang said that they are very pleased to be the first hospital in South Korea with two CyberKnife Systems in use and will enable to expand radiation offerings to patients who may not have been able to tolerate other treatments or have medically or surgically inoperable tumors.