TomoTherapy Incorporated (TomoTherapy), a provider of radiation therapy for cancer, announced that Kansas City Cancer Center (KCCC) has commenced treating patients with the TomoTherapy Hi·Art treatment system, a versatile, CT scanner-based device, that integrates image guidance for increased treatment accuracy and helical radiation therapy delivery for enhanced tumor targeting. KCCC becomes the first TomoTherapy treatment center in Kansas City, and the first US Oncology, Inc., affiliate to adopt TomoTherapy technology in the fight against cancer.

The TomoTherapy Hi·Art system has been installed at KCCC’s new Shawnee Mission location, one of 11 KCCC facilities in the Kansas City area.

TomoTherapy treatments began at KCCC-Shawnee Mission in late July. According to Radiation Oncologist James Coster, M.D., many Kansas City area cancer patients have already benefitted from the introduction of this technology. “It’s so precise that radiation can be localized to the cancer itself while nearly eliminating dose to the surrounding healthy tissues,” says Dr. Coster. “It completely changes the way we fight cancers of the head, neck, breast and prostate, and the impact we can make on overall patient health.”

Fred Robertson, M.D., CEO for TomoTherapy Inc., sees the KCCC installation as another key milestone for the company. “TomoTherapy is excited to be working with US Oncology and KCCC. We believe that with TomoTherapy’s advanced, image-guided radiotherapy platform, KCCC will be able to significantly improve patient care.”