German-based joimax®, the market leader in technologies and training methods for full-endoscopic and minimally invasive spinal surgery, is excited to announce the global launch of its new generation Shrill®, the Shaver Drill System. Developed for the removal of soft tissue and bone, the joimax® Shrill® system is also highly effective in treating stenosis, a degenerative spine condition.

Building off the success of the original model, this new iteration was retooled to provide better user control. The sleek new design comprises a glass touch panel for easy handling and cleaning, and features expanded benefits including: a new Shrill® console that provides up to 10,000-rpm with an essential amount of torque for controlled and effective ablation of tissue, an adjustable “acceleration ramp” which settings can be programmed based on individual needs, new diamond blades, and reworked bone resectors and barrel cutters. Plus, the device is equipped with handle and blade detection; it can automatically detect connected hand pieces and adjust them to the corresponding parameters.

“The Shrill® is the best endoscopic bone drill system on the market,” says Christoph Hofstetter, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Washington. “The high speed, in combination with the coarse diamond blades, has significantly reduced the time required for endoscopic laminectomy.”

The Shrill® system reflects the increasing demand for endoscopic applications and was updated in accordance with the latest device generation featured in the so called NAVENTO® tower, which is the new generation joimax® navigation endoscopic tower. The Shrill® system is compatible with the angulated Shrill® Deflector Shaver Blades and a whole range of blades provided for all spinal applications.

“joimax® will continue to bring innovative products to market. On the basis of this technology, we are developing a unique disc preparation tool that can be used for any LIF (Lumbar Interbody Fusion) application, slated for release later this year,” said joimax® CEO and Founder Wolfgang Ries. “This will enable faster and more efficient preparation of the disc space for cage insertion for fusion procedures, and round out the whole product offering.”

Source: Company Press Release