Cytomimic is a patented technology that combines essential minerals to deliver biological levels of electric signals similar to the skin’s natural bioelectricity.

Cytomimic Technology has been introduced to the dermatologic community at the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Cytomimic Technology represents an advancement in skincare, as it is designed to deliver electricity at a scale that safely simulates the body’s own bioelectricity levels in the form of a topical treatment, resulting in: improved cell activity, evidenced in vitro by enhanced expression of collagen and elastin; accelerated improvement in reducing the signs of aging, even in the delicate skin around the eyes; improved skin texture, firmness and radiance; demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity to address a potential cause of aging

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies claimed that it had evaluated Cytomimic Technology on more than 1,000 individuals/subjects in clinical and safety studies over 2.5 years, and it has demonstrated improvement of the skin’s appearance within minutes of application and continued improvements over time.

Ying Sun, a research fellow and science leader for an internal growth platform venture at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, said: “Cytomimic Technology mimics the body’s natural bioelectricity to help rejuvenate, repair and renew skin. We combine essential minerals in a delivery system to deliver biological levels of electric signals similar to the skin’s natural bioelectricity.”

Jeannette Chantalat, manager of R&D at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, said: “Because the technology is developed based on an understanding of how skin heals and uses bioelectricity, it is potentially transferable to all the other different tissues in our body. Bioelectricity is critical to communication; it’s the universal language of the body.”