Terms of the deal, which was first announced in March, have not been disclosed.

NeuWave Medical is involved in manufacturing and marketing of minimally invasive soft-tissue microwave ablation systems.

The acquisition is in line with the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices’ strategy of advancing innovation and investing in areas of unmet medical needs such as surgical oncology.

Ethicon Group company chairman Michael del Prado said: "Together with NeuWave Medical, Ethicon can bring minimally invasive treatment options to make a difference for patients around the world.

"This is especially important for patients who may not be medically eligible for traditional surgery. We can now offer physicians and patients more choice in treatment options for soft-tissue lesions."

Currently, NeuWave Medical’s products are used by physicians in around half of the top cancer centers in the US.

The company’s Certus 140 ablation system features computer and touchscreen interface, which enables activation of single or simultaneous multiple probe procedures for patients with soft-tissue lesions.

It allows physicians to effectively treat ablations for lesions of varying shapes and sizes.

In addition, NeuWave Medical probe familyincludes conventional probes and the Precision PR probe to limit the ablation length, enabling precise and controlled ablations.

NeuWave Medical CEO and president Dan Sullivan said: "NeuWave Medical’s unique ablation technology was originally developed by physicians and microwave scientists from the University of Wisconsin to maximize energy delivery to tissue, minimize invasiveness and provide physician-friendly workflow."

Ethicon manufactures surgical products, including sutures, staplers, energy devices, trocars and hemostats, which will be used to treat serious medical conditions such as obesity and cancer.

Image: Ethicon acquires NeuWave Medical. Photo: courtesy of stockimages /