Johns Hopkins said that Richard Wahl, professor of radiology and nuclear medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has patented the technology which enabled Naviscan to develop the FDA-cleared PET-guided biopsy accessory, known as Stereo Navigator. Naviscan obtained an exclusive license to this patent, which Dr Wahl developed while he was at the University of Michigan.

Paul Mirabella, chairman and CEO of Naviscan, said: “As the use of Naviscan’s organ-specific PET imaging technology continues to be used in cutting-edge breast cancer research and clinical patient management, Naviscan is also developing its use in new clinical applications. As a result, the development and clinical validation of novel radiotracers is essential.”

Other academic medical centers utilizing Naviscan’s PEM technology include University of Cincinnati, Baylor University, M.D. Anderson, University of Chicago, and the Boston University Medical Center.