VitreaView was rated the highest in each of the evaluation categories, including performance, ease-of-use, user interface, clinical use and most recommended solution, Vital Images claims.

VitreaView helps physicians view images (digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) and non-DICOM) from disparate databases across the enterprise.

In addition, VitreaView provides physicians with easy-to-use, Web-based access to role-specific, patient-centric views of imaging history.

The internal evaluation process and future plans at JHM were featured in an informatics Grand Rounds presentation.

VitreaView is designed for flexible deployment and leverages industry standards. It is also scalable, fault tolerant, and can be fully virtualized.

VitreaView’s software-only platform is a zero download, zero foot print, browser and operating system independent solution.

Users on different devices may access the functionality in VitreaView through multiple systems, including the Web or via EMR, EHR or portals.