The "ACADEMIC PACK" is a dedicated solution of "JINS MEME" to academic researchers, and it enables them to directly capture and analyze deep data* generated by electrooculography and six-axis sensors without API.

INS MEME is a sensing eyewear with the concept of "see yourself," and is the world’s first pair of eyeglasses to feature 3-point EOG sensors.

It captures EOG signals from three electrodes on the nose-pads and the bridge between the eyebrows, and enables real-time sensing of blinks and eye movements. In addition, a six-axis (accelerometer and angular velocity) sensor built into one of the earpieces captures head movements that represent body motion as well as body movements.

Based on this rich information (deep data) obtained through eye and head movements, JINS MEME provides various possibilities in applications including indicating "fatigue" or "drowsiness" during daily activities, while also measuring activity levels.

Since the announcement in May 2014, JINS MEME has already caught researchers’ attention around the world for its potential in a wide range of research from medical to behavioral analyses.