Patient-friendly Vantage Titan 3T, which comprises of multi-port transmission technology, has a 71 cm patient aperture providing a greater feeling of openness for patients, helping to reduce claustrophobia.

The Titan 3T also has the ability to perform contrast-free MRA exams utilizing Toshiba’s proprietary non-contrast techniques, which make exams safer for patients with renal insufficiencies.

Toshiba MR business unit director Stuart Clarkson said the Vantage Titan 3T allows hospitals to utilize a single MR system to address various clinical needs, while offering comfortable exams for patients and quality images for clinicians.

"The system’s multi-port transmission creates body images that are free of di-electric shading artifacts, enabling advanced MR imaging capabilities without sacrificing quality, and solves the main clinical and patient compliance issues associated with 3T MR imaging today," Clarkson added.

Jeff Davis Imaging, which is located within Jennings American Legion Hospital in Jennings, Louisiana, US, is focused on patient care, as well as provide referring physicians with service and appropriate diagnosis for their patients.