As part of the deal, JAX and bioMérieux will develop precise diagnostics for pathogens and their antimicrobial resistances in infectious diseases.

The partnership will identify individuals at risk for infection, as well as pathogens that cause an individual’s infection and antibiotics that provide an effective treatment for the patient.

Based in France, BioMérieux is engaged in the development of in vitro diagnostics tests for infectious diseases.

Based in Bar Harbor of Maine, The Jackson Laboratory is an independent and nonprofit biomedical research institution that is engaged in the development of precise genomic solutions for diseases.

JAX professor George Weinstock said: “Our laboratory brings expertise in next-generation DNA sequencing and metagenomic analysis, which is transforming our ability to bring precision medicine to infectious diseases.

“BioMérieux brings a wealth of expertise in clinical microbiology and the biology and detection of microbial resistance, all critical factors in determining the right antibiotic treatment for a given infection.”

bioMérieux science office vice president Dr William Michael Dunne said: “We have had a long informal working relationship with Dr. Weinstock, starting while he was at Washington University School of Medicine and now in his new role at JAX.”

Image: JAX and bioMérieux USA to develop novel precise diagnostics for infectious diseases. Photo: courtesy of The Jackson Laboratory.